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Industrial & Construction Water Services

Davis Water Service offers prompt, professional bulk water delivery and construction water service for construction sites in NC, SC, VA and FL.
Tanker rental, pipe cleanings, fire systems, underground tanks, pressure washing, irrigation, street washing and dust control are some of the reasons water may be needed on a construction site.
In the event that your site does not have a city water connection, we can fully furnish that site with a temporary water connection. A temporary connection means a tanker is connected to your site, remains on site and is replenished as needed. We deliver only potable water, so our water can be used for anything on site.

Our Construction Water Services Include:

  • Site irrigation
  • Street washing and pressure washing
  • Water delivery
  • Cisterns and underground tanks
  • Hydro-fracturing
  • Soil compaction and dust control
  • Tanker rentals
  • Pipe cleanings
  • Fire systems

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