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Deionized Water Service

Water of the highest purity.
Our carbon filters remove chlorine and chloramines. Next, our advanced filters use a mixed media bed of positive and negatively charged ions. This removes minerals and impurities, leaving only non-conductive water that is ultra-pure.


  • Scheduled outages / shutdowns
  • Emergencies
  • Capacity expansion
  • Interim use
  • Mechanical leak testing
  • Nautical and maritime vessel services
  • Energy and nuclear plant services

We also offer demineralized water and reverse osmosis water.
Different water purification processes meet different needs. Whatever your requirement, we deliver.

Installed and configured to meet your needs.
We can deliver DI and RO water in our state-of-of-the-art stainless steel tankers, or water can be filtered on-site. We can do this on demand, at any quantity. Let us size a setup for you customized to your flow and volume needs.

Our service is fast and flexible—including 24/7 Rapid Response.
We fit our service to meet your requirements. We’ll be there when we say will will. We provide emergency water service on a moment’s notice.

We’ve got back-up. Also, back-up for our back-up.
Our engineers will design the DI water configuration that’s right for you, and we’ll keep it maintained.

We’re the largest service in the South.
Our family-owned company has become the largest bulk water delivery service in the United States by serving customers with the utmost reliability. We started in 1978 and continue to grow.

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