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For water delivery solutions in Lakeland, Florida, look no further than Davis Water Service. We are known industry leaders with a proven track record throughout the area, and a comprehensive range of water delivery services. Davis Water Service is known for its commitment to customer service, punctuality, and high-quality, potable water supplies.

Learn more about our services in Lakeland, Florida, and the surrounding area, which include emergency water delivery, delivery for construction sites, and water for swimming pools.

About Our Service

Davis Water Service is pleased to provide emergency water supplies for those in need. We work with municipal and commercial clients throughout the region who have had their normal water supply either tainted by contaminants, or else disrupted by hurricanes, floods, or problems with the mainline.

We ensure rapid delivery of potable water to hospitals, medical offices, data centers, food manufacturing centers, neighborhoods, even entire cities. Our emergency water solutions are convenient, cost-effective, and reliably high-quality.

Additionally, our team can furnish water for use in industrial and construction applications. These services include pressure washing, underground tanks, street cleaning, and more.

Finally, we are proud to supply water delivery for swimming pools and ponds of all sizes. In this capacity, Davis Water Service works with commercial and residential clients alike, throughout Lakeland, FL, and the surrounding region.

To learn more about any of these services, we welcome you to contact us directly.

Choose Davis Water Service in Lakeland, FL

Our family-owned business boasts facilities, equipment, and personnel that put us in a league of our own. We are proud to be Lakeland’s leader in water delivery and would love to tell you more about the value we provide to our customers and clients.

If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, please reach out to Davis Water Service whenever you’re ready.

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