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What is the Best Time to Fill Your Pool in Charleston?

When it’s cold outside, you may go days or even weeks without giving your swimming pool a second thought. As soon as the temperature hits 70, though, you’ll likely start hoping for pool season to begin.

But of course, before you dive into your swimming pool, there are a number of steps you’ll have to take to ensure it’s ready. In some cases, you may have drained the pool at the start of the winter season, which means you’ll need to refill it. The question is when.

Davis Water Service delivers swimming pool water to residential, commercial, and municipal clients throughout the Charleston, SC area. We have a few guidelines for you to consider as you prepare to refill your pool for swimming season.

Filling and Refilling Your Pool

First things first: Why would you need to refill your swimming pool?

For one thing, there are a number of severe water quality problems that can really only be addressed by draining the pool and starting back at square one. In fact, many swimming pool experts say that, to avoid significant water quality issues, one of the best things you can do is drain and refill the pool every two or three years.

Even if you haven’t drained your pool, you may still need to top off the water level. That’s because pools tend to lose a lot of water to evaporation, or to swimmers splashing/sloshing water out. Most pool owners will need to top off their water every two or three weeks, throughout the summer season. If you need to top off more frequently than that, you may have a more serious issue… such as a leak.

Choosing the Right Time to Fill Your Pool

This brings us back to the question of timing. Assuming you need your entire pool to be filled, when’s the best time to call Davis Water Service for a delivery?

For Charleston pool owners, our answer is simple: You really want to do it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you’ll want to start swimming as soon as early May, and pool water deliveries shouldn’t be saved for the last minute. Start making arrangements in advance, assuming you want to have your water delivered and your pool refilled right on time for a full season of swimming pool fun.

Before You Have Your Swimming Pool Filled

Additionally, there are a couple of steps Charleston swimming pool owners should take to prepare their empty pool for a water delivery.

The first step: Inspect the lining of your pool. See if there are any obvious cracks or leaks, which will only be more difficult to spot (and more challenging to fix) once the pool is filled with water.

Also, we would recommend smoothing out any creases or wrinkles in your pool liner. Once the pool is completely filled with water, smoothing out these wrinkles becomes almost impossible.

Reduce Water Loss

Finally, if you’re looking to reduce the amount of water loss in your swimming pool, we can offer a few quick suggestions:

  • To minimize water loss from evaporation, make sure you keep the pool covered if it’s not going to be used for a long period of time.
  • If you lose a lot of water to splashing, simply lower the water level a little bit, which can help reduce splashout.
  • Consider periodically backwashing your pool filter to keep it clean.

If you have any additional questions about filling your pool, or if you’re ready to arrange for a delivery of pool water, reach out to us today. Contact Davis Water Service in Charleston, SC.