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Keeping Your Pool Water Clear, Safe, and Sanitary in Randleman

There’s nothing more refreshing than diving into a sparkling-clear pool. But what if your pool isn’t so sparkly? Without the right pool maintenance, you may find yourself with water that is visibly dirty; in some cases, this water may even be unsafe and unsanitary.

For pool owners in Randleman, NC, it’s crucial to be proactive in pool maintenance. In this post, we’ll share a few tips for keeping your water clear, safe, and ready for swimming.

Tips to Keep Your Pool Water Clear

Check Your Levels Regularly

Pool chemistry test strips are readily available and make it easy to monitor your chlorine and pH levels. This is one of the best ways to gauge the overall health of your pool water. During peak pool season, check your levels at least twice a week. During the off-season, continue to check it once a month or so.

Keep the Skimmer Empty

Your skimmer basket is located to the side of the pool. The skimmer’s primary task is to keep the surface of your water free and clear of dirt and debris. The best way to keep your skimmer working the way it’s supposed to is to regularly empty the basket.

Clean the Hair and Lint Pot

What about tiny particles that make it past the skimmer? Often, they are collected in the hair and lint pot, which can usually be found inside the pump itself. We’d recommend cleaning it out every week or two.

Monitor the Water Level

Another important pool maintenance step is monitoring the water level. A water level that’s too low may cause the pump to burn out. Meanwhile, a water level that’s too high can impair the skimmer’s ability to function efficiently. Generally, you’ll want the water level to be right at the midpoint of the skimmer.

Consider Showering Before You Swim

If you’re hot and sweaty from mowing the lawn, or perhaps from a strenuous workout, it can be awfully tempting to just jump into the pool. Keep in mind, however, that this brings a lot of pollutants into the water, and can lead to contamination. Whenever possible, shower before you get into the pool. Encourage your kids to do the same.

Mind the Bodily Functions

Another way to keep your pool clean and sanitary is to be mindful of bodily functions. Specifically:

  • Remind your kids not to use the pool as a bathroom.
  • Make sure little ones are properly attired in swim diapers.
  • Try to avoid swimming if you have diarrhea.

These simple reminders can go a long way toward avoiding contamination of your pool water.

Get Your Water from the Right Source

If you just need to top off an inch or two of pool water, using a garden hose may be fine. But if you’ve drained the entire pool and need to refill it, do your homework and call a trusted swimming pool water delivery service. Companies like Davis Water Service can vouch for the quality and cleanliness of the water supplied.

Learn More by Contacting Davis Water Service

Do you have any additional questions about filling your pool with sparkly-clear, sanitary water? If so, we encourage you to contact Davis Water Service in Randleman, NC.

Our company has decades of experience as a dependable supplier of clean pool water. We will make the entire process as convenient and as cost-effective as can be. And, we are always happy to answer questions.

If you’re ready to order a truckload of water, or want to chat about water quality more generally, reach out to our Randleman, NC office today.