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How to Prevent Contaminated Water from Getting into Your Pool

Before entering your swimming pool, it’s important to know what you’re getting into… and we mean that quite literally. It’s easy to assume that swimming pool water is clean and safe, barring any obvious discoloration or pollution. But contaminated pool water is a real concern; it’s not always immediately obvious that a pool is unsafe, and by swimming in contaminated water, you and your loved ones could contract illness.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep yourself safe, and to keep your pool clean. Here are a few tips and guidelines from the team at Davis Water Service.

How Pools Become Contaminated

When it comes to swimming pool contamination, there are really three sources of trouble.

First, there is the water source itself. By getting your pool water from a water delivery company, you can ensure that it’s clean, pure, and high-quality. Getting it from a municipal source, or simply from your hose, isn’t necessarily bad. However, you’ll have fewer safeguards against contaminants that have seeped in from the soil, or from a faulty hose.

Additionally, pools can become contaminated with algae and other hazardous growths, especially if they are not cleaned and well-cared-for. A good rule of thumb is to drain and refill your pool every two or three years, in addition to the more day-to-day and week-to-week maintenance tasks.

A final concern: Swimmers. A majority of swimmers get into the pool without having bathed beforehand, and often they track dirt, grass, and other debris into the pool. Over time, these pollutants accumulate and can compromise the quality of the water.

These are the three primary ways in which water becomes contaminated; awareness is the first step toward mitigating these concerns.

Additional Tips for Avoiding Contaminated Pool Water

For pool owners, we would also recommend the following steps to preserve clean water quality.

  • Try showering before you get into the pool, especially if you have been working in the yard or sweating hard in a workout. Encourage your family members to do the same.
  • Avoid getting into the pool if you have diarrhea.
  • If you have little ones in the pool, make sure you clothe them in swim diapers.
  • Remind kids that the pool is not a bathroom.
  • Try to take breaks every hour or so, giving everyone a chance to use the restroom and providing little ones with the opportunity for a diaper change.
  • Check the pool’s chlorine and pH levels before you swim. If these levels are off, it means germs will populate at a much faster pace.
  • Always avoid drinking pool water, and make sure your kids do the same. This helps minimize the risk of illness, even if there is contamination in the pool.
  • Be diligent in finding the best vendor for your swimming pool water, a company that will only deliver water from a proven municipal water source.

With these basic steps, you can minimize the risk of a seriously contaminated swimming pool.

Learn More About Swimming Pool Water Delivery

Whether you’re filling your pool for the first time, or simply topping off the water level, quality and hygiene should be the foremost concerns. Davis Water Service has decades of experience providing pool owners with water that’s dependably clean and clear. Our water delivery services are convenient and cost-effective.

We’d love to tell you more about the options for swimming pool water delivery, or to answer any questions you might have. To talk with a representative from Davis Water Service, we welcome you to reach out to us at any time.