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There’s nothing more refreshing than diving into a sparkling-clear pool. But what if your pool isn’t so sparkly? Without the right pool maintenance, you may find yourself with water that is visibly dirty; in some cases, this water may even be unsafe and unsanitary.

A ruptured water main can cause all sorts of problems. For one thing, it can leave water pooled on your front lawn; if you don’t act fast, that pooled water can attract pests and bacteria. A water line rupture may also leave your home or business without a clean water supply. In other words, you may need to hire someone to come fix the rupture, and also someone to deliver some emergency drinking water.

Water line breaks don’t happen often, but they do happen… and if you’re ever around to see one, you might be surprised by just how dramatic it can be. Sometimes, a water line break will send a spurt of water erupting up through the ground. Gallons upon gallons of water may be spewed into the air, in what can resemble a small geyser.

It’s easy to take clean, clear, sanitary drinking water for granted. You turn on your faucet, and there it is.

But sometimes, events can happen that disrupt your regular water supply, and leave you without water that’s fit for drinking. For example, natural disasters like hurricanes and floods can disrupt your municipal water source. A city main line break may leave many residential and commercial customers without water. And, your primary water source can also become contaminated, due to any number of environmental factors.

Before entering your swimming pool, it’s important to know what you’re getting into… and we mean that quite literally. It’s easy to assume that swimming pool water is clean and safe, barring any obvious discoloration or pollution. But contaminated pool water is a real concern; it’s not always immediately obvious that a pool is unsafe, and by swimming in contaminated water, you and your loved ones could contract illness.

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